How to Make a Smart Purchase


Buying Smart or How to Save?


Please, bear in mind, that all discounts may be combined! For a 100$ or more purchase, you will get 10% discount. If you have joined our loyalty program and qualified as Gold VIP customer you recieve 12% discount on every order - that is 22% off in total!

Buying combined deals, can save you 8% more at average. Thus you can reach 30% cumulative discount!

If you had shared those products with your friends in socials, you will get another 0.6$ to 1.15$ for each shared product.

Thus you can reach cumulative discounts more than 30% on your orders!!!


Also remember, that every referred friend, who order from us will give you extra 5$ for your next order, thus you can gain unlimited store credit and use it to buy more products!