Eye Cream VS Eye Gel - the best practices

The area around the eyes is particularly sensitive and tender, and therefore requires very careful maintenance, and the eyes themselves - reliable protection. Let's try to answer the most popular questions on this topic ...

Why is the skin around the eye so rapidly aging?

The thing is that the layer of the epidermis around the eyes is very thin - only half a millimeter. In addition, this area has a very few oil glands, "laying" of subcutaneous fat and very little muscles supporting its elasticity. Supporting skin collagen fibers are arranged here in the form of a grid, so the skin eyelids easily extensible. And because of the looseness of the subcutaneous tissue, it is also prone to edema. In addition, the skin is constantly exposed to a stressful load, as it is constantly in motion - eye blinking, squinting, and smiling. Hence - the early appearing wrinkles - "the crow's feet", which many of us find it at 20 years old.


So if the eye skin care is so important for looking young, which product is the best for your skin around the eyes?

The difference between eye cream and eye gel lies in the base of product. The base of gel contains water and does not contains fat, while cream based on the water and fat. Eye Gel moisturizes the eye area and has some cooling properties and therefore is more suitable for summer, and relaxing - and thus reduces swelling and prevents the appearance of dark circles. In addition, the gel is more suitable for use in the morning, because it is absorbed faster and allows you to apply makeup immediately after placing it. The cream, however, richer in nutrients and is more suitable for dry skin.

If you are an owner of young or oily skin, or you are suffering faded and swelling around the eyes, use eye gel twice a day, at morning and evening. If you have a dry and wrinkled skin, use eye cream twice a day, morning and evening, preferably with the addition of eye serum before eye gel application.

If your skin is dry and swollen, and tends to darken around the eyes, you can combine with two compounds: use a gel in the morning and cream in the evening.

For better results of absorption of the cream or gel, apply it with light patters of fingertips. This gives to the area a kind of invigorating massage.


What else you can do to defy aging processes of the skin around your eyes?

  1. It is very important to eliminate the lack of sleep, constant stress, eye fatigue, and of course – to stop smoking (if you still do). Regularly take vitamin complexes (intended for the eyes), to be more outdoors and be active.
  2. In bright sunlight (not only in summer), always wear sunglasses! This is especially important while driving - sunglasses can not only protect your eyes from the sun itself, but also help to lower blink and squint, and hence defy creation of wrinkles around your eyes.
  3. And again massage is very useful, especially done in the evening after removing makeup. That not only helps for better absorption of the eye cream or gel, but increasing blood flow around the eyes and helps to restore the elasticity of the skin.