Why serum should be combined in your skin care routine?

Recently I hear a lot the question "What is it serum?" It turns out that although the term "serum" is common, most of us do not really know what it is for.

In fact, the serum is used as intense and focused nutritional feed, adding routine is essential. Serum is a skin care gel or liquid texture containing a high concentration of active ingredients that nourish the skin and repair its defects using tiny molecules to penetrate easily. In addition, it contains a high concentration of active substances, which increase its penetration and moisturizing cream which should be applied above it.

Serum is a product category in itself, for daily use before moisturizer cream and is to provide facial skin with intensive nutrition. In contrast, the role of moisturizer cream is to moisture, protect and preserve the skin during day or night period. The serum is absorbed more quickly in the skin due to the fact, that it has smaller molecules, compared to moisturizing cream, that leaves a feeling of moisture skin and leave delicate protective layer during hours.

Preferably serum should belong to a cosmetics line in which you choose to use, in order to get maximum results. Moisturizing cream and serum work together for the same purpose, and by using serum and cream from the same series is guaranteed that there will not be a clash between the components of the cream and serum components, which can cause undesirable skin reaction.

For beginners and skeptics, it is highly recommended to start using a serum at night, while the body is at rest and has the ability to rehabilitation, regeneration and repair is much higher than during the day.