Minerals and Dead Sea Mud

It is not a secret, that mud is very useful. As for the Dead Sea mud it is really distillation of all useful qualities. Pages of magazines, health TV shows health, beauty care websites – they all remind us about it. 

While seeing in the shop or pharmacy such popular product as Dead Sea Cosmetics, we are not surprised when we read in annotation that cream or soap as a component has Dead Sea Mud. Nevertheless, not everyone has clear idea of what it is; usually mud is associated with clay. Of course, clay also has a lot of its useful attribute qualities. But mineral Dead Sea Mud stays apart, being unique medical product, which our ancestries knew hundreds or years ago.

But let’s try to investigate it more detailed: why Dead Sea mud is so useful? Why is it brought overseas from Israel and we are ready to buy it?

During thousands of years, products of vital activities of bacteria, plants and soil precipitate to the bottom of Dead Sea. All these substances were mixed in water and dissolved minerals and salt. Together its chemical processes took part with producing different gas (sulphuretted hydrogen, carbonic acid, ammonia), acid and antibiotic substance. And now as a result of these thousands of years processes we take in our hands Dead Sea Mud, which was made by years of physical and chemical reactions. It is impossible to make it in laboratory, as it is impossible to repeat all the processes with the same sequence and exactly the same geographical description. Thereof, curing and rejuvenating qualities or Dead Sea mud didn’t occur in a magical way. This is a result complicated and long process building of complex substances, which are able to influence our organism with a help of its chemical and physical qualities.

Mineral (sulfide) silt mud is produced from the very bottom of Dead Sea. It looks like gray-black, thick, some oily substance. By the way, Dead Sea salt and mud as well as its unusual very salty water in the past were privilege of very rich people, as they cost a lot and were not extracted in such quantities as nowadays. Consequently, even in old times people knew about curing qualities of Dead Sea and it was so unique, that for the right to have this salt lake (which was a Dead Sea) and nearby territories often took place armed conflicts and local wars.

Mud treatment is used all over the world. Of course, in Israel it is a form of traditional medicine. But now with the help of opportunity to buy mud cosmetics of Israel origin, we can touch this side of astonishing nature of Dead Sea.

Curative properties of Dead Sea Mud have very impressive list. Such wide spectrum of medical and general restorative effects give a ground to compare Dead Sea Mud with virulent medical drug – pharmaceutical products. And even here Dead Sea Mud has valid advantage: it is made by Deity.

Influence of mud to the human organism is multipronged. Among most sizeable positive effects can be picked out the following:

  • - Vasodilating effect
  • - Acceleration of lymph and blood circulation
  • - Activation of metabolism and supplying substance with oxygen.
  • - Detersion of organism from slags
  • - Activation of vegetative nervous system
  • - Improvement of tone and general condition of skin
  • - Relief in such a skin diseases as eczema, psoriasis, etc.
  • - Stimulation of neuroendocrinal system
  • - Antimicrobial and bactericidal effect.
  • - Antiphlogistic effect
  • - Activation of restoration processes
  • - Saturation of organism with life energy and rejuvenate effect.

Dead Sea Mud for face and body skin:

The right usage of mineral mud can rejuvenate skin, that is why mask made of Dead Sea Mud is considered as a strong rejuvenate substance.  While using mud as a mask for face:

  1. Activation of blood circulation and metabolism of coverlet.
  2. Cells get more oxygen and nutrients and it means, that the process of cellular renewal will occur more intensively.

At the same time mineral mud has an effect of soft chemical pilling, its substances can dissolve slags, which were gathered in coverlet, and move off elements. Its effect would be cleared skin, fresh and breathing, its tonus is rising, color is improved, greasy luster is gone, riffles which already subsist become less deep, and those which just wanted to appear disappear at all.

Dead Sea Mud for Hair

You can also use Dead Sea Mud for your hair. It is considered as effective method in curing early baldness, intense loss of hair. Also applying of Dead Sea mud on the hair part of the head helps during hair aches, lighten migraine, and as for some information, helps to fight with depression. Also mineral mud provides supplying of roots of a hair and clears skin of a head from unnecessary fatty discharges.