Oily Skin Control Mud Soap

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Beauty Mineral Black Mud Soap brings together moisture-rich minerals, salts and mud from the Dead Sea to add something unique to your daily ritual. All of these are natural beauty remedies which are particularly high in magnesium, calcium sodium and potassium, which help fight tiredness and stress. They are also beneficial in easing pain in the joints caused by Osteoarthritis, providing you with care which is beyond skin-deep. The abundance of moisture present in these minerals helps to restore the pH balance of the skin.

​If you have ever wondered how to get clear skin naturally, then this mineral-rich soap is the answer. It offers your skin a balanced cleansing experience, gets rid of dirt, prevents oily skin, but retains enough moisture for smooth, rejuvenated skin.

This soap is suitable for all types of skin. It is also free from parabens and mineral oils as we create all our products using natural ingredients only.  


How to use

Directions: This product is appropriate for use on body, face and hands. Use for all your regular washing requirements.

Main Ingredients



Area body
Capacity 120 gr, 4.2 Oz
Gender unisex
Type cleansers

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