Professional Facial Mud Mask

Professional Facial Mud Mask

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Professional Nature Balance Facial Mud Mask consists of pure mud sourced directly from the Dead Sea. This mud has one of the highest concentrations of moisture-rich, stress-busting minerals in the world. It has been combined with Olive oil, Chamomile, and Aloe Vera. These natural ingredients are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, skin-healing and anti-aging properties. As such, they are essential for promoting soft, silky skin.


Take your cleansing routine further with this facial mask, which offers a deep cleansing solution, gets rid of dirt and excess oil from clogged pores, aids in the removal of dead skin cells, allows cell regeneration and maintains the pH balance of your skin.


This mask works well on all skin types, and gives best results for problematic and oily skin, acne and rashes due to it's anti-inflammatory abilities.  It is free from parabens and mineral oils as we create all our products using natural ingredients only.


How to use

Directions: Apply to face after cleansing, avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Leave on for about 5-10 minutes. Remove thoroughly using lukewarm water. For optimum results, we recommend you apply Nourishing Night Cream after using the mud mask. For best results use once to twice a week.


Main Ingredients



Area face
Capacity 100 ml, 3.4 fl. Oz
Gender for her
Type masks

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